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Scenic Drives

Saguaro East Cactus Forest Drive Saguaro National Park East Picnic Areas

Saguaro West Bajada Loop Drive
Saguaro West Bajada Loop Drive Map


Saguaro National Park Scenic Drives

There are two scenic drive in Saguaro National Park. These drives are open from 7am to sunset. The drive in Saguaro National Park East is a paved eight mile one way loop and the drive in Saguaro National Park West has several routes. Most of the parks picnic areas (which have waterless toilets, grills, picnic tables and trash cans) are accessible from these two scenic drives.

Saguaro East (Cactus Forest Drive) (Pictures)

The Cactus Forest Drive is a one way paved loop road that runs through the heart of an extensive saguaro forest in the Saguaro National Park Eastern District and offers a leisurely look at a wide variety of Sonoran Desert life. See the map to the left. I have provided some pictures of this scenic drive check it out.

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Saguaro West (Bajada Loop Drive) (Pictures)

The Bajada Loop drive is a graded dirt road that is suitable for low clearance vehicles. (Persons with motorhomes or trailers should ask at the Red Hill Visitor Center for road conditions before traveling on this graded dirt road.) There are several options with the Bajada Loop Drive. You can start the six mile Bajada Loop Drive 1.5 miles northwest of the Red Hills Visitor Center in Saguaro National Park West. The Hohokam Road is two ways until you get to the Sus Picnic Area then it is one way until you get to the Golden Gate Road. See map to the left. Once you get to the Golden Gate Road you can turn left and finish the loop after visiting the Signal Hill Picnic Area's Petroglyphs or you can turn right and follow the Golden Gate Road about 5 miles to the paved Picture Roads Road. The Golden Gate Road gets a little rougher after the Ez-Kim-In-Zin picnic area.

I highly recommend the 1/4 mile Signal Hill Trail at the Signal Hill picnic area. You get to see some great rock art up close.


Saguaro National Park
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