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Bajada Loop Drive Pictures

Sus Picnic Area Sign Saguaro National Park
© Jim Roth

This is the first entrance to the Bajada Loop Drive when driving North from from the Red Hills Visitor Center on Kinney Road.

Sus Picnic Area Pictures Saguaro National Park
© Jim Roth

The view above is to the West from the Sus Picnic area. It is in a thick Saguaro forest.

Wasson Peak and Amole Peak in Saguaro National Park West
© Jim Roth

View of Amole Peak in the center of the photo and Wasson Peak is far left. Photo was taken at the Ez-Kim-In-Zim Picnic area.

Bajada Loop Drive Photo
© Jim Roth

This is what the unpaved graded road looks like at the Sus Picnic Area turnoff on the Bajada Loop Drive. The Bajada Loop drive is one way from this point.

Petroglyphs on Bajada Loop Drive at Signal Hill Picnic Area
© Jim Roth

Go to the Signal Hill Picnic area and take the 1/4 mile Signal Hill Trail to see Petroglyphs.

Panther Peak and Safford Peak Saguaro National Park West
© Jim Roth

A view of Panther Peak (left) and Safford Peak (right) taken from Signal Hill in the Signal Hill Picnic Area. These mountains are at the far northern boundary of Saguaro National Park West. If you continue on Golden Gate Road past the Ez-Kim-In-Zin picnic area you get a great sweeping view of these mountains and the surrounding desert.


Saguaro National Park
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