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Picnic Areas

Saguaro East Picnic AreasSaguaro National Park East Picnic Areas

Saguaro West Picnic Areas
Saguaro West Picnic Areas Map


Saguaro National Park Picnic Areas

There are seven picnic areas in Saguaro National Park. Six of these are accessible by vehicle. Each of the vehicle accessible picnic area has at least one table with an overhang and a wheelchair accessible waterless toilet. The one picnic area that you have to hike into has a waterless toilet.

Saguaro East Picnic Areas

There are two picnic areas in Saguaro East. Both are accessible by vehicle.

Mica View Picnic Area (Pictures)

The Mica View picnic area has a great view of the Santa Catalina mountains to the north and the Rincon Mountains to the east.

Javelina Picnic Area (Pictures)

The Javelina picnic area is nestled in the foothills of the Rincon Mountains. It is also the trailhead for the Tanque Verde Ridge Trail. A great trail for a day hike due to the great views of Tucson and the surrounding mountains. However it is narrow, rocky and steep. See Trail Favorites for a description of this trail. The Javelina Picnic Area is one of my favorites. It has a large parking area and about eight covered stone picnic tables.

Saguaro West Picnic Areas

There are five picnic areas in Saguaro West. Four picnic area in Saguaro West are accessible by vehicle. One picnic area is accessible by hiking only. The Sus, Signal Hill and Ez-Kim-In-Zim Picnic Areas are accessible off of the Bajada Loop Drive. This is a graded dirt road that is suitable for low clearance vehicles. Check at Saguaro West Visitors center for more detailed conditions.

Sus Picnic Area (Pictures)

The Sus picnic area is accessible by vehicles off the Hohokam Road (graded dirt road). CCC workers in the 1930's built much of this picnic area.

Signal Hill Picnic Area (Pictures)

The Signal Hill picnic area in Saguaro West is my favorite picnic area. It has a great view of the mountain to the West and more importantly lots of Rock Art. The picnic area was built by the CCC in the 1930s and has many fun picnic tables. Take the 1/4 mile Signal Hill trail to the North to see many 900+ year old petroglyphs.

Ez-Kim-In-Zin Picnic Area (Pictures)

The Ez-Kim-In-Zin picnic area is the most remote in the park. It has a great view of the mountains to the South including Wasson and Amole peak. It is near the Esperanza Trail and is a good place to use the rest rooms before a hike into the mountains.

Cam-Boh Picnic Area (Pictures)

The Cam-Boh picnic area is the only picnic area in Saguaro National Park West that is on a paved road. It is located on Picture Rocks road with views of Panther Peak and Safford Peak to the North.

Mam-A-Gah Picnic Area

The Mam-A-Gah picnic area is the only picnic area in all of Saguaro National Park that is only accessible by hiking. It is only a mile hike up the King Canyon Trail. It is an easy hike up a wide trail with an elevation gain of about 250 feet. Great views of the desert and mountains to the West. It has a waterless toilet but all trash must be packed out. Pack a picnic an head out.


Saguaro National Park
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