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Ez-Kim-In-Zin Picnic Area Pictures

picnic house picture
© Jim Roth

This is the view to the North of a CCC built picnic shelter from the 1930s that was build into the surrounding rock.

ez kim in zin picnic area picture saguaro national park west
© Jim Roth

This view is to the East from the little hill that the CCC built picnic shelter is on.


Small Table at Ez Kim in Zin Picnic Area
© Jim Roth

A small intimate two person table built by the CCC in the 1930s.

picnic house and tom picture
© Jim Roth

My brother Tom standing in front of the same CCC picnic shelter I show in the picture to the left. This picture is looking South.

Wasson Peak and Amole Peak in Saguaro National Park Photo
© Jim Roth

Wasson Peak to the far left and Amole Peak in the center. This picture is looking to the Southeast from the Ez-Kim-In-Zin Picnic Area.

Picnic Area Saguaro National Park West Photo
© Jim Roth

Looking Northeast in the parking area.


Saguaro National Park
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