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Signal Hill Saguaro National Park Rock Art
© Jim Roth

The above rock art is one of my favorites. It looks like a hunter following a deer or mountain goat.

Rock Art Signal Hill Saguaro National Park
© Jim Roth

Saguaro National Park Rock Art Goat and Sun
© Jim Roth

Rock Art

The rock art found within Saguaro National Park was created by the prehistoric Hohokam people. The rock art on this page is located at the Signal Hill Picnic Area in the Western District of Saguaro National Park. See the Picnic Areas page for directions.

The Hohokam may have pecked these petroglyphs more than a thousand years ago while on hunting and gathering expeditions. As more is discovered about these Petroglyphs we have a better understanding of the Hohokam culture.

Rock art is found throughout the American Southwest, wherever prehistoric peoples lived or journeyed. At Saguaro National Park many expressions of rock art, known as petroglyphs, were pecked into stones.

People do not know what these petroglyphs mean. They could have religious or ceremonial significance. They may be solstice markers, clan symbols, decorative motifs, or simply ancient graffiti.



Saguaro National Park Rock Art Signal Hill
© Jim Roth

And I thought that I was the first one to draw that kind of circle. The above guy has me beat by 1000 years. Amazing how thing don't change.

Rock Art Saguaro National Park Signal Hill
© Jim Roth

Rock Art Saguaro National Park
© Jim Roth



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